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This group is to share how we cope on a day to day basis, exchange our coping skills ect with each other.

This is a support group where we can openly talk about and support each other on mental health disorders without being judged or bullied. I hope you find this group useful and pleasant...
1 No posting of your suicide attempts, including overdose. As this is to alarming for other members and also admin. Of you post anything of this nature, it will be deleted! Call the suicide hotline!!!! we are not professional people to be able to deal with this kind of matter!!!!!
0800 068 4141

2 Posts of a triggering nature is NOT aloud on this group. If you wish to post a Trigger Warning post, please feel free to join our Trigger Warning group. If a member of admin see any posts of this nature, we will take it down and delete and send the member a private message if possible.

3 No pictures of self harm.

4 This is not a dating group do not use it as so.

5 Links need an admins permission prior to posting, if not they will be removed as they block the thread.
If the same member posts without permission 3 times, then they will be removed from the group.

6 Live feeds require pre approved permission from myself or admin.

7 No advertising other groups. Unless you have Admin permission

8 No blocking of admin this applies to us admin as well ( no blocking each other were a team ).

9 No nude pictures or graphic images.

10 Drug use is a sensitive subject please refrain from drug use images this will lead to a warning and possible ban.

11 Members must be over 16

12 We are an anti bullying group. Anyone seen bullying another member will get a warning, posts or commenting will be deleted! If we see the same member bullying again, it will result in being removed from the group!!!

13 Please do not take pictures of your self harm and send them to the admin or fellow members. As this is very triggering

14 If you require help, or need to talk to an admin, please make a post and tag an admin. Please DO NOT go directly to admin.

15 Please do not attempt to friend request other members, as many members do not feel comfortable with this. This is not acceptable what so ever!!!

16 It is unacceptable to constantly messenger call any member of admin and also fellow members. Anyone that does so, will be removed from the group..

17 No members to post asking for money, or private message any other member asking for money. If you do so, we will    block you off of the group immediately.
Group Rules